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September 27, 2018

Coweta Schools Senior Citizens Tax Exemptions Information and Public Input

Public input is being sought on the issue of adjusting Coweta County School System’s current senior citizen tax exemptions through October 3.

The school system has put information about the issue and an email link for public comment on its website. The web link can be found on the Coweta County School System’s website ( by following links in the upper left corner of the page. Comments will be taken through Wednesday, October 3.

“In recent months the Board of Education has been approached by citizens who have asked the Board to increase the levels of exemption that senior citizens currently receive on their property taxes as levied by the school system. Currently, the millage rate is 18.59 mills, where it has remained since 2004. The board has not raised the millage rate since 2003.”

The page provides history and information about Coweta School senior tax exemptions, which were adopted in their current form by the school board and community in 2002, and went into effect in 2003. Citizens have approached the school board in recent months to ask the board to consider adjusting the current levels of exemption upward to account for inflation since that time.

Information from the Coweta County Tax Assessor’s office about the current exemptions and the estimated impact of proposed exemptions are linked on the web page, as are proposals and information provided by citizens about the issue in recent months.

“The superintendent has suggested to the Board that school council/public input be sought in order to broaden the input that is received before making any type of decision on this matter.”

The website also points out that the Coweta County Board of Education does not make the final decision adjusting the current levels of senior tax exemptions, but does initiate the process. If approved by the board, an adjustment to senior tax exemptions would ultimately go to Coweta County’s local legislative delegation, to be submitted as local legislation through the state legislature. “If passed, it would be placed on the ballot next year for the citizens to vote on.”

An email link for citizen comments and suggestions is also provided on the page.

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