Student Services



 Director – Evan Horton 770-254-2800

Support Services - John Boren 770-254-2870

As leaders of learners we believe that learning is a life-long process and students are volunteers in their learning. Our goal is to create positive school environments that promote and support appropriate behavior of all students. Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a comprehensive tiered approach to implementing positive and consistent student discipline across the school system.

PBIS encourages a positive and safe climate school-wide, in all locations and for all students, by systematically focusing on:

  1. The general school population
  2. Students at risk and
  3. Students with intensive or chronic behavioral and emotional problems

The definition of and response to problem behavior, needs to be consistent across classroom and non-classroom settings.

These environments are developed through the identification of common behavioral expectations that are valued by the school community and can apply to all students in all school settings and situations. The school environment created:

  1. Teaches students skills to behave appropriately
  2. Positively acknowledges students engaging in those behaviors and
  3. Provides consistency and stability in interactions among students and staff

PBIS promotes positive relationships in schools and provides students with social and behavioral skills to be successful learners, school citizens and ultimately valued community members.